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April 16, 2014

Nature / Outdoors, Picnic, Swimming

Rainbow Springs ~ True Florida Beauty

Where in the world is Dunnellon Florida?! It’s not that far. It’s actually only one hour from Orlando, and it’s got a STUNNING spring called Rainbow Springs Florida. It’s the 4th largest spring in Florida. And good news! There’s usually not many people there at all. Because it is a full one hour car ride away, this dissuades pretty much ALL tourists. (A good thing, dear readers.) There are 2 options for Rainbow springs. Option #1 – Canoe / Kayak / Tubing  ...

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Bars, Outside Bar

Visit a Speakeasy Tonight – Hanson’s Shoe Repair

When was the last time you went to a Speakeasy? It’s been too long. Thankfully, Orlando actually has a cool prohibition inspired hangout. Oh ya. It’s time for the fun drinks. Head to NV Art Bar on Pine Avenue downtown, and go upstairs to the door that looks foreboding with the tiny window on it. You’ll need to give a call to Hanson’s Shoe Repair at the following number: (407) 476-9446. You usually have to leave a message, then you’ll get a text back with the  ...

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