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Authentic Chinese Food in Orlando Florida—Try a Hidden Gem Restaurant!

Are you craving some REAL Chinese food in Orlando Florida? Have you ever tried real Chinese food? Orlando Florida has some legit Chinese restaurants that are as authentic as going to China.

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Authentic Chinese Food in Orlando Florida…Discovered!

At Chuan Lu Garden the fish tilapia and bean sprouts dish is really good—and it’s definitely real Chinese food. It comes with tofu and veggies in a spicy broth and you pull stuff out of the broth and eat it on rice. Also the eggplant is really good, but kinda sweet almost like dessert. Pretty much everything here is cooked wih red schezwan chili peppers. It will make your mouth burn just a little bit…and then go numb. It’s so unique. And oh the dumplings, yum!

Review Chinese Food in Orlando Florida

They also have a regular Chinese American menu for less adventurous people. (They can still enjoy feeling like they are in China & watch you inhale your authentic good.) Only Chinese people really eat here. I also heard the have good hot pot! Probably the best in Orlando because all the other ones I heard about stink. I recommend eating family style and try bites of everyone’s food. They have lazy Susans on all the big tables, so you can all order & spin it around to share.

Ready for authentic Chinese Schezwan fare? Get it at Orlando’s Chuan Lu Garden!

The lamb dishes are also really good. Beef dishes are good. We like the beef and scallion. Authentic Chinese chicken dishes are not the best—there is always too much bone. But the American General Tsos type chicken was good. A nice way to break up all the spice with some sweet. And the Peking duck (Kao ya) is good. And the double cooked pork is awesome, but so unhealthy. Good for a bite or two.

And all the vegetables dishes are really good. Water spinach was great! Their dishes are pretty big too! You could easily split an entree & an appetizer.

We just went there (again) so everything is so fresh in mind. Enjoy it for a fresh taste of something different & delicious. 🙂

Info for Chaun Lu Garden Chinese Restaurant:

Where: 1101 E. Colonial Drive in Orlando (adjacent to Ginza Japanese Steakhouse, between Thornton and Mills avenues)

When: 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Sunday-Thursday, 11 a.m.-11 p.m. Friday and Saturday

How much: $8-$28

Beverages: Full bar

Wines by the glass: From $4

Attire: Casual

Wheelchair access: Easy

Extras: Good for groups, takeout, sushi bar, table service, Wi-Fi

Call: 407-896-8966


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