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Looking for Unique Orlando Restaurants? Try Ethiopian!

Are you bored with the usual Orlando restaurants? If you haven’t tried Ethiopian food yet, you should head over to Nile Ethiopian RestaurantIf you’re already a fan, then Nile might be your new favorite spot for this delicious food. (Their website is a little janky, but don’t be dismayed. They specialize in food not technology.)

Orlando Restaurants—Why Try Ethiopian Food:

  1. Ethiopian is a unique and delicious food, and it’s full of flavor. I’d say Ethiopian food is one of the most exciting food cuisines in the world.
  2. Sure, the food is unique. But the Ethiopian culture is also fascinating. Ethiopian food is best eaten with friends (or family) and is very social. It’s great to get big dishes and share. Ethiopians don’t eat food alone, they prefer the communal platter approach.
  3. It’s romantic. Couples often tear off a big piece of something and feed it to their partner. This is seen as endearing and loving in Ethiopian culture, not overly schmoozie. It’s a practice I learned is called ‘gursha’ (if you were wondering).
  4. It’s not insanely crowded on the weekends, and it’s just as reasonably priced as any other place in town with food of this caliber.
  5. They have injera—a flour bread thing you use to pick up your food and absorb the flavors. So delicious & practical!
  6. Coffee. Yes, the best coffee. If you are a coffee lover, you’ve probably already had Ethiopian coffee. Expect more of this at Nile Restaurant. Yum!

Surprise your date! Ethiopian is not like other Orlando restaurants…

Get your hands ready to dig into the delicious specials! You can down all that flavor with one of their spectacular honey wines. Afterwards, savor a wonderful dessert and some world class coffee. Orlando restaurants are all over the place, but I recommend driving out to International Drive on occasion to give this special place a try. If you can’t travel to the country of Ethiopia for a visit, at least experience their fabulous culture through the cuisine.

Orlando restaurants - delicious ethnic food

Orlando restaurants — try Ethiopian tonight for amazing food & delicious coffee!

Where to find Nile Ethiopian Food:

Nile Ethiopian Restaurant
7048 International Dr
Orlando, FL 32885
(407) 354-0026


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