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13 Orlando Florida Photo Shoot Locations (You’ll Love)

Looking for some great ideas for Orlando Florida Photo Shoot Locations? Orlando has some cool niche places where you’ll get wonderful photographs. Get ready to show your photogenic side Central Florida.

Great Photo Shoot Locations in Orlando FL:


1. Lake Lily // Maitland, Florida – Orlando Photos by a Lake

I took the wedding photographs for my neice here, and they turned out lovely! The trees, the bridge, the brick wall (by the dumpster — which you don’t need to see) all look fetching. Also, there are a couple vintage houses on the property, so you can pose on those as well for “old time 1950s couple” type pics (if desired.)

10 Places for Photo Shoots in Orlando Florida - Lake LilyBest Orlando Florida Photoshoot locations - Lake LIlyBest Orlando Florida Photo Shoot Locations - Lake LilyBest Orlando Photo Shoot LocationsOrlando Photo Shoot Locations - Lake Lily - Photography

2. Portofino Bay Hotel // Orlando, FL — Orlando Florida Photo Shoot Locations Replicating Italy

Um, yes, this is a toursity spot. Yep. However, you will find a very photogenic courtyard area with Vespas you can sit on. These look a LOT like Italy in your photographs. So, yes—it’s fake. But yes—it’s very photogenic. If going TO ITALY is not in your budget this week, you might give it a try. Go get a gelato a the ice cream shop while you’re there. It’s pretty good.

Lowes Portofino Bay Hotel in Orlando FL - Photo Shoot Locations Orlando - Photography
3. Annie Russel Theater // Winter Park, FL — Cute Brick, Nice Trees, Classy Theater at Rollins College

Rollins College is just so photogenic. Any way you slice it, you’ll get pretty pictures at Rollins. I like to go around the Annie Russel theater area, since there are lovely archways. It’s really hard to take a bad photograph of the college. If you’re making a list of Orlando Florida Photo Shoot Locations, write this one down.

Rollins College - 10 Beautiful Spots for an Orlando Florida Photoshoot - Photography
4. Bok Tower Gardens // Lake Wales, FL — Lovely Gardens, A Cool Tower, Few People

This 130 acre haven is just lovely. If you have not see Bok Tower Gardens, it’s worth a trip, it’s about 1 hour and 20 minutes from Orlando, but a very serene drive & perfect for a picnic lunch.

Best Orlando Florida Photo Shoot Locations

10 Best Photo Shoot Locations in Orlando Florida - Bok Tower Gardens - Photography Central Florida Photoshoot

5. Albin Polasek Sculpture Garden // Winter Park, FL — A Sculpture Garden, Small & Quaint

The Albin Polasek Sculpture Garden in Winter Park Florida is lovely place. Not the best-place-you’ve-ever-seen-in-your-life, but lovely. If you’re not in the mood to drive far, it’s a great choice. It’s very centrally located in Winter Park. The lake is pretty. The sculpture are nice. I’m more a fan of it for painting a watercolor in the afternoon, but I’ve seen some lovely wedding photos taken here as well. It’s not terribly interesting in my opinion, but it’s very nice.

Albin Polasek Museum - Best Areas for Photo Shoots in Orlando Florida - Photography

6. Baldwin Park // Orlando, FL — A Lovely Lake, Lots of Space, Weeds that Look Like Africa

I’m a fan of Baldwin Park. I love to bicycle around the lake. I love how big and wide it is. Also, the bike paths are really nice if you’re lugging along a few little nieces or nephews too. (Really smooth.) Around the lake, there are lots of little area that look rustic and lots of pretty wild weeds. These are photogenic. Also, there is a nice bridge and some benches with stone backgrounds. This all makes for some nice photo ops here. It’s also totally free to get in!

7. Lou Gardens // Winter Park, FL — Beautiful Gardens

This place is stunning and huge. If you’re looking for outside beauty, put it on your list.

Best Orlando Photo Shoot Location - Leu Gardens


8. Plaza de la Fontana Mission Inn  //  — Old Style Spanish Surroundings

This place is stunning and huge. If you’re looking for outside beauty, put it on your list.


9. The Social  // Orlando, FL — Dark Eerie Nightclub Vibe

Not sure what you’re for, but this might be what you’re looking for. I love the hallway there for eerie mystery photos.

Orlando Guide for Tourism - Hipster Photo Orlando Guide for Tourism - Hipster Photo Nina

10. Mead Gardens, FL — Wild Abandoned Woodsy Feel on Boardwalk

This place has a cute boardwalk & beautiful woods. Nice for arty pictures! If you’re looking for a spot for band photography, it’s a good pick for your list of Orlando Florida photo shoot locations.


11. Polynesian Resort  // Lake Buena Vista, FL — Closest Thing to  Asia this Far West

This place is stunning and huge. If you’re looking for outside beauty, put it on your list. It’s the closest thing to Bali you will find any where in Orlando. The East Asian inspired art is fun.


12. Disney Boardwalk  // Lake Buena Vista, FL — Cute Home Town American Picture Spot

This place is great for family friendly photos in a nice clean location with pleasant backgrounds. Looks a little bit like Amsterdam.


13. Cocoa Beach  // Cocoa Beach, FL — Beautiful Late Afternoon Light on Faces

Cocoa Beach is very slow and quiet in the evening, and the soft light is lovely. It’s a great low key idea for one of your Orlando Florida Photo Shoot Locations.

unnamed (1)

14. Playalina Beach  // Kenedy Space Coast, FL — Africa Style Dunes

What’s better than Cocoa Beach? Playalina Beach. No trash or tourists, just beauty.

15. Kraft Azalea Park // Maitland, FL — Beautiful Late Afternoon Light on Faces

This is the PERFECT place for any wedding shoot. (And still free!)






  1. Jessica

    January 27, 2017 at 11:04 pm

    Thanks so much for sharing! I am a local fashion blogger and am trying to find a nice white background wall with texture. Pretty much like the white brick wall photo on the top banner of your blog. Do you mind sharing where you took that specific photo? Additionally if you know of any fun colored houses or walls (Pale Pink Siding or Brick Wall-Think Charleston SC style) I would absolutely love to hear! Thank you so soo much and be sure to check out my blog

    1. iamvioletta

      January 28, 2017 at 2:06 am

      Hey Jessica!

      The top photo was taken in Downtown Orlando. I think it was a white brick wall a couple blocks west of Orange Ave near Pine. Downtown Orlando has nice brick, and just walking around parking lots in late afternoon light, I’ve noticed some pretty walls. You might also like Downtown Deland or Winter Garden (both about 30ish minutes from Orlando). They have lots of nice solid colored walls and picturesque settings. Not exactly Charleston, but charming. 🙂 Downtown Sanford has some nice brick walls too. Good for backgrounds.

      Cute Downtown Deland pic:

      Downton Sanford:

  2. Naomi

    May 31, 2017 at 10:32 pm


    Thanks for sharing! I’m living in Dallas now, and I’m planned to take some wedding pictures with my husband in Orlando( where we first met each other). Do you think I need to apply for some kind of permit if I would like to take wedding photographs in Cocoa beach? Thank you very much! Have a nice day!


  3. sayeedahsparkles

    August 19, 2017 at 2:57 am

    This is super helpful! Thank you so much!

  4. iamvioletta

    September 26, 2017 at 11:08 pm

    Happy to help Sayeedah!

  5. Tiana

    September 28, 2017 at 7:41 pm

    Absolutely love this article. I’m currently looking for a place to take photos with smoke bombs, is there any place you’d recommend that not a lot of people go? (I don’t want to get into trouble for using the smoke). Thank you!

  6. Hinza

    May 2, 2018 at 10:17 pm

    Hey girl! I really just wanted to take the time out to thank you for your amazing blog. You have done an amazing job and given me so many options which really arent available when you search “things to do in orlando”!

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