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Kayaking in Sarasota Florida — Awesome Day Trip from Orlando!

I’m a huge kayaking fan. It’s probably one of my all-time favorite sports. If you too love to kayak, you NEED to go to kayaking in Sarasota Florida in the mangrove trees. It’s a magical experience, and you really don’t need any skills to have fun doing it.

Getting to Sarasota

Sarasota Florida is about a 2.5 -3 hour drive from Orlando. It’s a peaceful trip, and it’s on flat straight roads with minimal traffic. I recommend you leave early and get on the water by 10am. Even in the winter, it’s still fun. (Florida winters aren’t really that cold, as we all know.)

Planning Your Kayaking in Sarasota

There are lots of kayaking companies that will rent you kayaks and meet you on a beach to enter the mangroves. Don’t stress the rental too much, just get the cheapest self-guided tour you can find. Ask them to give you maps when they let you in the water, and just have fun exploring!

For food, you won’t find any in the mangroves. Bring a nice lunch in ziplock bags. Expect everything you bring to get wet, and back lots of water. There are little islands you can kayak to and picnic on. It’s really very beautiful, and you don’t run into many other human beings (besides the ones you bring with you!)

Bring extra clothes to change into after you kayak. That way you can enjoy grabbing a bite to eat in beautiful Sarasota while you are there. I also recommend just heading to the Sarasota beaches to check them out. The white sand and gentle waves are so relaxing.

The west coast of Florida is completely different from the east coast, so these Orlando day trips are really worth your while. Here are a few photos from one of our trips. Enjoy!

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