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Orlando — Quick Trip to Paris from MCO (Orlando to Paris Flights $360 RT!)

So, yes, this is a blog about Orlando. But having lived in Orlando for A LONG TIME, I know you want to get out sometimes. Orlando to Paris flights are at record lows now. Thanks to the lovely peeps over at Norwegian Airways, you can whip out your beret and head to Paris now for bargain prices. Seriously, it’s time to drink some French wine in France.

The Norweigan Airways flights from Orlando to Paris all fly through Oslo. (You can also do Oslo for like $300 RT if you plan a couple months ahead.) You can buy separate legs, and you can even chill in (stunningly beautiful) Norway for a few days. We went to Bergen Norway (instead of Oslo) before Paris, and I was blown away by how clean and easy Norway was to navigate. (Read: everyone speaks English, lots of public bathrooms, incredible fjords, it’s more beautiful than Alaska geographically—but with similar vibes. Just rent a car and drive.) I’m so glad we scheduled a couple days there.

Airline Prices — Orlando to Paris Flights for Cheap:

Some sample fares for November and September coming up. (Further away, cheaper they get.) Be creative, the best deals often come from booking separate journey legs with Norwegian Air. Leave enough time between connections.

Notes on Norwegian Airways & Paris Airport:

The flights into Paris on Norwegian Airways fly into Paris-Orly. This is a nice airport, but don’t forget to either exchange money in the airport of bring like $10 buck in euros. You can grab public transportation from the airport to the center of the city for cheap (like 2 euro), but you can’t use a credit card to buy the ticket outside the aiport.

Simple lesson learned: carry some cash. (Duh!) We forgot, so some nice old French lady just bought our tickets, and I gave her the novel I was reading at the time as a thank you. I had picked this novel because on the back it said “will be instantly loved by any Wes Anderson fan” — hope she enjoyed it.

Another lesson learned: French people are very kind and generous. (Stop giving them a bad rap, Americans!)

I got my ticket! Now what?

Don’t stress, next step is to find somewhere to stay. Three great options I love are:

  1. Do you know anyone you can crash with? Ask around, you may be surprised. We’re all pretty connected.
  2. Air BnB rocks. We’ve had fun (& amazingly beautiful) flats to rent with Air BnB in Paris.
    cheap flights from orlando to paris - air bnb paris for orlando couplle
  3. Last minute bookings on a website like Expedia and Priceline let you bid blindly on hotels in specific neighborhoods. We found really nice hotels for $70-$80 a night this way. These were even in swanky areas around the Luxembourg gardens. (I’m personally a big fan of Montmartre where things like lunch are generally cheaper and more “working class”….along with the Latin Quarter.)
    cheap flights from orlando to paris - stay in montmarte

What to do in Paris?

Hah, what NOT to do! Here’s a list of my top favorites.

  1. Take walks at night. It’s so romantic and just stunning to walk around after dark in this city. Drink some fabulous cognac and take in the city. Experience your life & being in it for a few minutes.
  2. Take Rick Steves audio tours…wander, listen & learn.
  3. Go to the AMAZING art museums (top picks: Louvre, D’Orsay, L’orangerie, Rodin Museum, Picasso).
    fly from orlando to paris for cheap - discount flight mco to gardemeon
  4. Sit in parks and watch people. (You can finally feel comfortable wearing your lizard print romper and the red stilettos. Luxembourg Gardens is the right spot.)
  5. Drink espresso and read a novel — or finally get around to writing yours.
    fly from orlando to paris for cheap - mco to paris discount flight
  6. Eat in the markets. Built in 1615, the Marche des Enfants Rouge is an old & charming market. There is a stand you can order Moroccan food at — best food ever! Go to: 39 rue de Bretagne **Get the chicken tagines**.
    fly from orlando to paris cheap
  7. fly from orlando to paris for cheap
  8. Take a day trip to Giverny and check out the French countryside & Monet’s Garden. (Live your childhood reading of Linnea In Monet’s Garden.)

fly to paris from orlando

It won’t disappoint. It really IS as beautiful as you imagined. 🙂

Packing for the Flights:

Why are the Norwegian flights so cheap? Two reasons.

1) You don’t get food onboard. This is really no big deal. Just pack a turkey sandwich and a few Lara bars, right? Right.

2) You must bring only a light-weight carry-on luggage suitcase. As far as luggage, you can fit plenty into a carry-on. Big bags are just excuses for lazy packing, or so says everyone’s favorite minimalist, Marie Kondo.

Lesson: dress minimalist, look French, and only bring your really nice staple items. (You can also cram a lot into your backpack, which counts as your “purse” and is never weighed by anyone. *ahh-hemmm*)

A cute little black dress you might enjoy seeing a museum in is the Retro Tailored A-Line Dress with Trim.

This foxy little French outfit is also very cute over dark skinny jeans.

I’m a shameless lover of the Away carry-on bag. I actually get intense joy from touching and using this item. (Take THAT Marie Kondo!) So, you find one that works for you. If my house was on fire, I’d grab this baby & run. You will need to commit to not-overpacking for this trip. 🙂

I Want More (Authentic) Paris Ideas!

For more inspiration (as if you needed it!) you can check out the David Lebovitz blog. I listened to MANY of his cheap food recommendations, and they were AWESOME. I also love his writing and cookbook. Highly recommend doing a little research by perusing his articles. He told us where to get wonderful falafel for 6 euro, and where to splurge on that fancy French meal. If you’re going to totally blow your budget—at least make sure you spend it on something amazing!

I leave you with a final photo — my beautiful husband enjoying some beautiful espresso, chocolate mouse & wine after lunch. Makes for a delightful afternoon at a museum! Love how the Europeans take their wine with lunch so seriously. (Je suis complètement d’accord.)

Bon voyage. 🙂

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